Latest Product Innovations in the Colour Cosmetics Industry

Latest Product Innovations in the Colour Cosmetics Industry

Similar to most other industries in India, the colour cosmetics industry to has had enough innovation in the recent past. There are various new products which are backed by technology and modernity available in the market today in so far as colour cosmetics is concerned.
Here is a list of a few latest product innovations in the category of colour cosmetics:

1. The rise of original equipment manufacturers in colour cosmetics:

Manufacturing colour cosmetics products is not an easy task. There are various chemical formulations, international standards, certifications and benchmarking formulae that one needs to keep in mind when manufacturing such products. They have to be clinically approved and safe for sensitive skin types. The rise of original equipment manufacturers in this colour cosmetics industry has greatly resolved this
issue. Many brands and influencers are shifting to original equipment manufacturers to get home their branded colour cosmetics products without much hassle. These manufacturers are well equipped to handle all kinds of requests and involve different processes to give you your exact requirement. Not many brands can afford to have such technical expertise.

2. The shift from fast-moving beauty to sustainable beauty solutions:

Many major international brands in the category of colour cosmetics are shifting to ensure clean and green solutions for their customers. As more and more people continue to gain awareness about the ill effects of plastics and other packaging material on our environment, they continue to mark this shift. Ten years ago people enthusiastic about colour cosmetics or beauty products cared about their skin\ types and whether or not a product would suit them. Today, safety is almost guaranteed for your skin when you purchase from any brand. Quality is also ensured. However, the options to maintain a sustainable system of production and packaging that is beneficial for nature is also to be concerned with great scrutiny. Many global leaders such as Estee Lauder and L’Oreal Paris are moving to ‘clean packaging’ or even ‘naked packaging’ solutions wherein they use minimal packaging material- all of which are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

3. The advent of ‘Non-Transferrable Stick Lipsticks’ into mainstream colour cosmetics:

There is innovation everywhere we see, in today’s fast-evolving times. On the same note, there is a new type of lipstick that has been developed keeping in mind the Indian market and Indian conditions at large. Lipsticks continue to remain one of the most popular colour cosmetics items. And, innovation is lipstick is really difficult considering the fact that almost all brands and businesses in this colour cosmetics industry have a forte in selling lipsticks. However, there are only a handful of large companies that innovate with the same. Non-transferable lipsticks have been in the market for quite some time now so have stick lipsticks. What is revolutionary from
the trusted house of Love Birds Cosmetics is the non-transferrable variant of the stick lipstick. These stick lipsticks are kiss-proof and sweat-proof. They help maintain the moisture in your lips and add a glow to it as well. These are premium lipsticks that last five times longer than standard lipsticks and stick lipsticks.

4. AI-backed mobile applications assist you in make-up:

As stated before, there has been a rise in technology in the colour cosmetics industry just as in any other industry in the nation. Many tech giants such as Samsung are also exploring the beauty and colour cosmetics market. And, tech is the way in for them. Este Lauder also has a similar application that uses AI and your front camera to scan your face. Then, it lists down all the problem areas and suggests you possible solutions depending on your preferences. This also helps you get a rough digital idea(in high resolution) of how you will look in reality after you’re done with wearing their suggested colour cosmetics. These mobile applications use
advanced AR technology to do this.

5. Personalisation in make-up and printable colour cosmetics:

L’Oreal subsidiary Lancome has developed a custom-made foundation machine named Le Teint Particulier, which promises to find the exact match for your skin tone using AI. This is one of the newest innovations in the colour cosmetics industry. Although this is not available in the Indian market today, you can purchase fro their website directly. Another such innovation has come from none other than the house
of Proctor and Gamble. P&G recently launched a milestone in colour cosmetics with the release of their Opte wand in Las Vegas, last year. It is essentially a technology-driven make-up printer that scans your skin and precisely applies tiny amounts of make-up to hide age spots, burst blood vessels and other blemishes as per your preferred settings. The colour cosmetics industry is undergoing a paradigm in the way they operated about a decade back. With the rise of modern machinery and the digital space, many original equipment manufacturers and brands are shifting to the online platform for contracts as well as for sales. It is much more cost-effective and helps reach a wider audience in less time.

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