1. Place Order

We understand that all our clients have their own differential needs. To ensure a simple process for all the orders, we allow various options to the clients and customers. You can opt for our proprietary formula for your required products, or you can choose to provide us with any benchmark formula available and used in the market today, or directly provide us with the materials you want us to use in bulk.

Place an inquiry of an order with the click of a button on the platform itself and wait for your delivery within days. There is no hassle in this process. You may also approach our support team or visit our office for order related queries and assistance.

2. Pick Packaging (Select Container)

Once you have set your preferred formulae for the products you want to order, you will have to choose a compatible container. There are several options to choose from in this respect.

3. Select Colors

Next, the client is required to select the colours required and confirm the exact products to be delivered. We have over 500 colours that you can choose from.

4. Design Secondary Packaging

You can also use our designing assistance feature to design your own cardboard packaging. We provide innovative packaging solutions to all our clients and recommend sustainable eco-friendly packaging materials only. We don’t use plastic and limit the use of paper in this regard.

5. Mass Production

We implement production after approvals of quality, packaging and quantity. Our team of R&D specialists, chemists, operators and employees work dedicatedy to manufacture all the products following all industry standards and ensure delivery on-time.

6. Product Testing Qualified

All our products are manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality of materials and processing. We only use the best materials to manufacture our products and have strict and effective quality control tests in place. These tests have proved to be successful for over 10 years now.

7. Delivery

When you order, we provide complete delivery assistance from the moment you place your order to delivery. We have doorstep delivery services unlike other brands in our category and we also offer fast delivery options at a higher pricing option for our premium and rush clients.

8. After Sales

We at LBC maintain contact with all our clients personally even after-sales. We provide round the clock support and assistance even after-sales. We will redress any doubts or queries you may have with regard to our range of products, order process, delivery options, defects and returns, etc.


Our major focus has been on continued progress, growth and development of not only our business operations, but also for the industry at large. The three pillars of our success have been Quality Control, Innovation Development and Quick Service.

Quality Control​

Innovation Development​

Quick Service​

Quality Control

Quality has always been our primary concern when developing our products or the business at large. We strive to achieve the best grade of cosmetics using the highest quality materials only. Our products are irritation resistant and skin friendly. They all go through several rounds of testing and strict quality control tests before they are provided to our client. This makes sure that you stay rest assured of what products you are using and what goes in it from the time you select the product online to the day you use it last. Our founder who has over 30 years experience in this field leads this process of quality control.

Innovation Development

We have always believed in a dynamic approach that centres around innovation and development. We take up the old and traditional machinery and use it with the latest technology in place along with our dedicated team of experts and quality control professionals that make us stand out. A laboratory is set up following the safety regulations, a team of chemists determine the blend of colour pigments while the cosmetic experts all together work day and night to improve and innovate with us. We are also aiming to manufacture Skin Care and Health Care products which are a little different from standard cosmetics. There are various quality checks and assurance tests that need to be fulfilled before the product is available in the market. Our choicest range of innovative cosmetic care products meet most of these guidelines and requirements. Our continued focus remains on improving this care quality to bring to all our clients the best skin care solutions a cosmetic product can offer

Quick Service

Our major positive in the way we have developed our business over the years has been our continued focus on quick service and secure delivery. We try and aim to build a loyal clientele and foster meaningful relationships at the industry level to get our products to more and more households in the years to come. We aim to be a one stop solution for all the cosmetic products you need for your brand’s success. We are reliable and we can also tailor your cosmetic experience in only a few basic steps. This is a state of the art practice that remains unmatched by any Indian private company in this sector even today.


Love Birds Cosmetics was established in Jan 2011 and has been serving the cosmetics industry for more than ten years now. Our founder has been involved in the color cosmetics and skincare industry for over 30 years. His unparalleled expertise in this domain is a huge boost to our humble organisation. His years of struggle to ensure high end quality products and sustainable make-up solutions is inspiring. LBC started out as a venture due to the lack of good quality manufacturers and private companies in the makeup and skin care sectors in India. And today we are a proud family serving hundreds of happy clients who trust us. Through our integrity, determination, focus, ambition and experience we have proven to our suppliers and customers that we are a reliable and trustworthy business partner within these ten years in the colour cosmetics manufacturing industry.


We are here to solve your queries if u have any problems then send us a message we will happy to resolve your query.