How contract manufacturing and private label manufacture works in the colour cosmetics industry?

How contract manufacturing and private label manufacture works in the colour cosmetics industry?

When a buyer purchases a bulk stock of cosmetics from a wholesale market or from an original equipment manufacturer then resells it with their brand name, that product has the tagline of a private label. This is extremely suitable for people who are starting from scratch. Such private labels work on a contract basis with manufacturers. This is called contract manufacturing and private label manufacturing in the colour cosmetics industry. 

There are many reasons as to why people might go for private label manufacturing. A few of them have been listed below:

1. Cost-effective

The base formulation in a private label cosmetic is primarily owned and made by the manufacturer. There are various options for you to choose from as well. You can either trust us with our own blend or use any industry certified benchmarking formula. This means that you don’t need to spend heaps on recreating the wheel. Which means you are not having to pay from the beginning of the manufacturing process. This helps you streamline your businesses quite a bit. Such colour cosmetics are not only cost-effective but also very high in quality. 

2. Decision Making is Easier 

In the cosmetics industry, it’s extremely hard to choose which ingredients, packaging material etc to opt for. And it is especially complicated when you are a newbie in this field. But in the colour cosmetics industry, you don’t usually have to make so many complicated decisions. You just test the formulation and if it suits your requirements, you provide the manufacturing company with your logo. Choosing the right ingredients and manufacturing the right shade of colours is very important in the colour cosmetics industry. It is integral to the success of the manufacturer as well as the contracting colour cosmetics brand.

3. Less Liability for your Brand

When you are manufacturing cosmetic products in-house, you are legally liable for safety standards and cleanliness of the environment you are using as your manufacturing-house. You can be easily sued by a customer if the above-mentioned factors are not properly taken care of. If a customer decides to sue you, you have to legally present evidence like lab notes, photos, lab standards, proper abiding by batch codes etc. This is a huge load of responsibility for a newbie or a solopreneur. But when you manufacture colour cosmetics with the help of a private label lab or a contract manufacturer of colour cosmetics, they take this responsibility. 

4. Low MOQ private labeller

There are certain colour cosmetics manufacturers who offer no MOQ (minimum order quantities) facility. This might sound like a golden opportunity for individuals who have limited financial backing, but it compels you to give up brand autonomy and brand authority entirely. It means that there would be no branding of any kind, no personal finishes, no way to distinguish your brand. The solution here is to go for a low MOQ colour cosmetics private labeller or packaging manufacturer. This gives you more choices in which you can customize your colour cosmetics brand to a large extent and make it stand out amidst a competitive retail space.  

Its easier to choose who you want to work with- there are numerous private labellers and contract manufacturers manufacturing colour cosmetics. You can just ask yourself a few questions like- can they offer what you are specifically looking for in colour cosmetics? Or if this is cost-effective and suits your budget at large? Are their colour cosmetics products safe to purchase? 

These are a few questions you must find answers to before choosing a colour cosmetics manufacturing company for your brand. You have to clear these doubts first and go for the manufacturing company or individual that suits your need the best. There is no ‘old’ or ‘new’ colour cosmetics company that can satisfy your needs just because they are old or new. You have to make a clear list of what you are looking for and search for those factors in the manufacturer you are opting to purchase from.  


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